Fill2Pure products contain the highly advanced Fill2Pure water filter – the only portable water purifiers in the world that can purify water up to 99.9999% while you drink.

How do Fill2Pure water filters work?

Fill2Pure filters use a patented purification system called "Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration" to remove harmful contaminants from water. The pioneering technology is trusted by military and humanitarian organisations, and tested then proven in third-world environments.

Fill2Pure filters have three main components:

  1. Coconut carbon filter
    Traps and reatains 99.99% of contaminants
  2. Ceramic disk
    Effectively ‘shreds’ large bacterial organisms such as bacteria and pathogens
  3. Iodine coated beads*
    Traps smaller organisms like viruses & diseases rendering them harmless

What makes our filters better than other brands?

Most water filters like Brita and Bobble are CTO (simple Chlorine Taste & Odour) filters. They're made from a carbon technology which reduces/removes only a few contaminants incomparison to what we remove.

Our filters remove far more contaminants and to a higher percentage than they do. We are the most lab tested and field tested water filter in the world and have millions of dollars’ worth of testing results. We publish all of our tests with the exact percentage reduction rather than vague reduction statements that other brands trick you with.

Our filters do not expire unlike Brita and Bobble filters. Our filter capacity is also far larger. While it looks like our filters cost a lot more, it works out to a similar in price for you, but with our filters you get far more contaminants removed with our technology.