About Us

 Fill2Pure is a USA made Water Filter technology.  All of our filters are made in the USA. Fill2Pure is an innovator in the fast-growing water filtration industry. We market a complete line of top-quality portable water filtration products in Australia and New Zealand, and worldwide through our distribution partners. We have lab tests of our products from over 50 countries around the world, 10 different labs in the USA, with over 300 separate tests from those 10 labs alone. 

Water is the single most important nutrient we consume. Our bodies are 75% water and the quality of your life is directly impacted through the quality of your drinking water.  By removing harmful contaminants and pollutants using Fill2Pure it is better for you and your health.

 Our unique and proprietary products enable our customers to discover new, economical, and innovative ways to get safe and clean water anywhere they go in the world.

 If you can’t find your answer under the Product Descriptions or in the FAQ please contact us through the Contact Page. 

Why should you choose Fill2Pure Water Filters?

  1. Fill2Pure water filters are the most lab tested & field tested water filters in the world.

  2. We publish all of our test results

  3. We offer a money back guarantee

  4. Fill2Pure technology and portable water filtration products are incredibly versatile.

  5. Fill2Pure water filters can be used in many areas: health and wellness, sports and outdoors, travel, environmental, and humanitarian.

  6. Fill2Pure is constantly refining and improving its technology and its product range.

  7. Fill2Pure has produced numerous innovative products and world firsts in both technology and product design, such as the world's first stainless steel filter bottle for which a fast flow filter was created that enables a steady easy flow.